Customer Acquisition for BILT App

About BILT:

BILT was a company incubated in the SAP AppHaus. AppHaus was SAP’s “customer facing” co-innovation space in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects.


User Researcher and Designer


Iterative design and user-testing in order to define an approach to get users to download and use the BILT app


We developed a method of customer acquisition that was a measurable success in user testing

BILT was the 2015 winner of an Appy Award

Business Problem

SAP AppHaus developed an app that would help users assemble furniture using 3D guided and interactive instructions.  We needed to find the best way for users to discover the app.


A/B Testing, ObservationInterview, and Prototyping

  • I worked with a UX design intern to orchestrate user research sessions in the lab at SAP HQ in Palo Alto.

  • I invited 21 participants to the usability lab to participate in a “furniture assembly observation test”.  Users were instructed to assemble a faucet from an unopened box.  However, what we were actually testing is whether or not they noticed and responded to the advertisements inside the faucet box. 

  • Users were shown 1 of 2 versions of advertisements telling them to download the app.

  • This experiment was completed in 2 rounds. The second round's marketing samples were completed with learnings from the first round.


Results from the first round were negative, but a good learning experience. App discovery was 0/11, for all on the box and inside the box attempts at advertising.  Once asked to look more closely at the advertisements, users still did not understand that value proposition.  

I used the learnings to recommend 2 alternatives to try for the next round.  I sketched out the alternatives and a visual designer produced them. Prototypes for the second round of testing both proved to be more successful. One prototype was clearly superior to the other and had 100% recognition.  Not only were users aware there was an iPad app to download, many expressed a desire to download the app in that instant. 



The results produced from the 2 rounds of testing produced a preferred prototype.  I worked with the Product Manager to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the proposal, before submitting our recommendation to our partner manufacturers. One of the prototypes was selected and used in manufacturer meetings as our preferred acquisition method.

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